Now or Whenever

by The Spouds

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The Spouds - Now or Whenever (36#31)

The Spouds are:
Jakub Walenda - voc
Mateusz Romanowski - git/voc
Paweł Gie - git
Grzegorz Zieliński - bass
Jacek "Lodi" Piątkowski - dr

Music by The Spouds
Lyrics by: Walenda (5,7), Paweł Gie (4), Romanowski (3, 8-11), Zieliński (1), Piątkowski (2)
Recorded at Wieloślad Studio
Mixed by Antoni Zajączkowski




released October 4, 2018


all rights reserved



Trzy szóstki Warsaw, Poland


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Track Name: Let It Slide
towards you
in some way
anger and
where are you?

I’m proud to say
that i’m not to blame
let’s make it clear
we’ve got no hope
We’re all the same
are we ok?
(we are the same)

I have not
fit right in
your life is
I’m still a boy
I am scared

I’m proud to say
that i’m not to blame
let’smake it clear
my daddy’s gone
my dad just fled
are we ok?
daddy please!

We know it’s too late
I know it’s too late
Let’s let it slide
Track Name: Lone Animal
Just another written note
To let you know
With all of the bullshit left to say
Like “no sense” or “don’t care”
We’ve been doing this thing for years
For what? To hate
Later gonna get back to that
Try solve the case

Then I’m starting to feel like
Trapped in a cage alone animal
We lost that thing again
We should loose ourselves too

Now I feel like…

Obviously need to stash
Our staff, now trash
Reaching hands to a place
We called a shed
Full of hope and mysteries
Burn down now sail
Friendship that we never had
What else to say?
Track Name: Paper Food
The tape is playing on repeat
and every sound becomes blank now
All the tracks i used to know
turn into buzzword into dischord
Lovers become strangers and
All we are has slowly faded out
Let's forget about the past
Erase all visions of the future life

Silent anger grows, it’s too late to
Pay the debts
All of our speechless days we can live with no

We've found ourselves in destroyed rooms
We shook our hands and tried to get out
We went outside and closed all doors
and all we saw was only fake lights
We lost our touch, we forgot our faith
We're sick of being separate parts (separate parts)
I'm not sure if life still has taste
all we've got are our breakdowns (our breakdowns)
Track Name: A Man of His Word
There was a small chance
That I’ll drag you to our servant’s space
And right now
I'm not sure this will even work
I'll give you a paycheck
I live for you to make you saint

I end up in a perfect spot
scared of the darkest thoughts.
grabbing any chance to blame god
You sent me with these made up goals
This key doesn't fit the lock.
Labor is a fucking joke.
Erase the duties that became stale

Feelin glad.
I am glad you’re not afraid
You earn points
Things that do not bother me.
Take, use and leave.
I'll take some
of the shame that falls on you
Track Name: 116
It was a cold, unpleasant day
Such day leaves you nothing, keeps you scared
I was going nowhere
Having nothing on my mind
And then this guy in the bus
Poorly dressed, thin and eaten by time
Looked at my face at my empty eyes
He started throwing words out of his mouth

About time that is found but not lost
About all friends that won't be close anymore
About frozen love turning into stone
I heard that I will never ever become sure

His eyes were shining, they were big and round
His face was burning like I wish to burn
I looked around and saw people's whims
In this city they got used to madman
And suddenly I realized
That guy is mumbling i can't understand a word
He left the bus and left me small
Guy keeps telling stories random empty souls
Track Name: Świętokrzyska
Nothing will surprise me here
Nothing’sgonna change my mind
Got few friends and places where
We can trip without a sound
Nobody will hear my thoughts
I stand here all alone
Everything around went blank
Memories like fading bones

I just need to see you here
I've got nothing on my mind
I need to know if I
Can rebuild us another time
I just need to see you here
You'll never die in my heart
I just want to know if I
Can put old thoughts aside

I can see you in the crowd
Something shoves me away
All I feel is overload
Bythe weight of past mistakes
I can't even say 'hello'
I still feel the same old fear
I open my eyes and see
That none of this can be real
Track Name: Needle in His Heart
He is good
After a decade of looking after smallest things
At long last
he's standing straight, he regrets what he's done in the past
Who would have thought
That after all he'll have the courage to admit all faults
Happy people
That found a way to pass by all bad things

And suddenly
The past hit right into middle of his heart
His brain
his spine is broken, blood is flowing out of his mouth
Who would have thought
That its still him, we were so sure that it will be forever
But heart was inflated
Tiny needle is always in these hearts

He thought he passed by all bad things
But it was needle in the middle of his heart
You cannot get it out of there …
Track Name: Actors Who Ruined Their Careers in a Matter of Seconds
Old filmstars, they're trying to forget
Consequences of their own past mistakes
Feed them like animals in the cage
I think they are already dead

They are all right
Trying to forget, like you
Hidden smiles
Photos under bed, like you

All of you are living in a glory days
You’re stuck inside the box that you wish to escape
Empty eyes desires left alone
Future plansare already dead
Track Name: Outlet Store
Right now
I have more time than I need
I am too tired to go to sleep
I was always careful
I didn’t have any special needs
I was always careful
I became sick

Right now
I can’t even go out
Right now
My friends are somewhere else
In a better place
They can express themselves
I’m stuck in my bed
I’ll stay here whole day

Everyday we love each other less and less and less
Every night we fall down

Right now
Someone’s closing last possible way
Watch as
we all become weak
You can hear beautiful sound
Of tommorow’s glorious days
but those songs are all false
We're hopless inside

Coaching stars try to teach
Teach me
How to fall being glad

I've lost all my dreams
I became old
I can't find my faith
in any outlet store
Track Name: A Comparative Studies
(Are you glad?)
Don't you know your friend just got great job?
(Are you glad?)
Don't you know that some people earn more?
You can always find a better place
(I'm OK)
But I’m worthy without having that

(I don't)
Everything here is unknown
Everything here is pressure
(I heard it before)
I ask you to go outside and don't come back until you fix your mind

(I don't need new plan for the better future
I can stand my ground you can't get inside,
I mark a line and build a new home
alone with someone who brings me everything I am)

(I'm afraid)
Can you take this burden from my arms
(I'm afraid)
Don't you see I've done more than asked
Our conversations make me mad
(I'm OK)
Words don’t fit together anymore
Track Name: Sick of Being Sorry
I can't say much about all of my past
You already know about all crimes
The list of my sins remains open
But i can't confess any of them

I'm sick of being sorry all of the time
I can blame myself more than you
I feel more afraid than you ever were
I'm annoying guilty monster when I open my eyes

My parents are bothcatholic so forgive me
My parents are both catholic so forgive them
You know what it means when you live here
Every new move is like falling apart

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